Outdoor ActivitiesTrip To Manyatta (Village)

If you are seeking to explore beyond the hotel, Seven Ranges Tours & Travels is the horse tour operator that offers a truly unique equestrian experience that allows you to enjoy the breathtaking scenery and culture in Karamoja.

An expert guide will take you through a wide variety of terrain before returning you to your hotel or safari camp room.

The paradise for cultural, Wildlife experience and ethnic photography in Karamoja. Tour to River Lokichar cultural Village where over 35 grass huts tackle together in a dramatic circular position. you will learn the Karimojong culture & traditions. Visit to River Lokichar Wildlife conservancy, home to the largest population of biggest bird in the World and number of bird species.

Visit River Lokichar Cultural Village


The reserve is located in the north eastern part of Uganda. It is also located in the bird rich region of Karamoja that stretches from Muyembe in the south to Kidepo National Park in the North. The reserve is adjacent to the Kenya border and close to Mt. Moroto.

There is a vast wetland that is bisected by River Lokichar. In the North, it shares its borders with Matheniko Bokora wildlife reserve managed by Uganda Wildlife Authority. Most of the last are open Savanah with pockets of riverine forests, shrubs, and thick bushes. The location of the conservancy makes it an appropriate spot for birders traveling from Kidepo, and Pian Upe, Murchison Falls National park, or other parts of the country.


Visit River Lokichar Wildlife Conservancy


Prices vary with the number of persons per activity. There are discounts available for more than one persons per activity.

HIKING $60 Full Day/$50 Half Day
NATURE WALK $30 Per Head
KRAAL VISIT $65 Per Person
KRAAL STAY $100 Per Person
VILLAGE STAY $100 Per Person
VILLAGE VISIT $65 Per Person
MINE VISIT $120 Per Person