The Manyatta (Village) & Kraal

The paradise for cultural, Wildlife experience and ethnic photography in Karamoja. Tour to River Lokichar cultural Village where over 35 grass huts tackle together in a dramatic circular position. you will learn the Karimojong culture & traditions. Visit to River Lokichar Wildlife conservancy, home to the largest population of biggest bird in the World and number of bird species.

Come and see their day-to-day life, virtually as it always was. Observe what they eat and where they sleep.

A village is a permanent homestay surrounded by thick acacia and double fences “awath” with small narrow entry points usually for security reasons. Around the village you will find a big entry point “Ekidori” where animals pass at the end of the day after grazing and when exiting the village for grazing and also used by the all community whenever there are traditional ceremonies conducted in the village

River Lokichar Cultural village & Kraal is a village comprising of several families sharing a common compound locally known as “atamanawi” where traditional cultural ceremonies and performances take place intermittently, the traditional performance displaying a deep need for their own styles of music and dance. Of interest. Its also a meeting point for all communities and also a center for displinary action (Ameto) Karimojong bound. While in this village you will participate in the traditional dances, games, cooking, friendly wrestling and all the daily activities occurring in there among others

We know that when you come to this beautiful area, its not just to see. We know you are here for culture and we have crafted various day activities that operate from the hub of it all “Lokichar Wildlife conservancy” we use our own knowledgeable community tour guides and vehicles for all our activities, we do not hand you onto anyone else, where is the fun in that? As a family business we live in and love this area. We only create activities that we would enjoy ourselves.


When you book for a tour to River Lokichar Cultural village with us, you know we have done it and loved it. We hope you find what you are looking for, otherwise, contact us.