This gives our visitors a cultural feel of the region. It consists of a culturally well designed bar and restaurant, a fireplace, a garden, a viewing tower and 7 carefully built and crafted tents; each named after one of the seven mountain ranges in the region. Yes, there is a story to tell! Amenities such as free Wi-Fi, DSTV and room service are available for all the single bed and double bed tents.

The Rooms are surrounded by beautiful flower gardens with beautiful scents constituting to the fresh air in the camp section.

Experience Our Culture At The Safari Camp

Prolong the night with beautiful traditional Karamojong stories told by the tour guide at the Camp Fire site.

You can view all the Seven Mountain Ranges in the Karamoja sub-region from a MiniView Tower on a clear day.

Wanna Hear a Story About The Seven Mountain Ranges?View Each Of The Rooms

Single $90
Double $120
Twin $150
Single $70
Double $80
Twin $100